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e-tm Sàrl (e-tm LLC) is a software company founded in May, 2016 whose main activities are based on advice and services in the IT domain such as software and web development, project management (standard and/or agile), coaching, …
Specialized in embedded systems and medical IT, we are offering our expertise at your service.
We transmit our values in the solution that we bring you : simple, useful, usable, credible, desirable, accessible.
Your feedback is our efficiency and our effectiveness.
The founder : « In front of difficult situations, I knew how to find some opportunities »

  1. Project management :

  2. • Functional needs analysis and establishment of the specifications with the planning of tasks and resources
    • Modelling process
    • Design
    • Realization and testing : development, animation and conduct of project-teams
    • Implementation
    • Monitoring, documentation and support

    Standard : PMI methodology
    Tools :
    • Modelling tools : UML, MVC
    • Planning : ganttproject
    • Oriented on quality, cost and deadline

    Agile : framework SCRUM
    Tools :
    • Oriented on vision of product
    • Management of « product backlog »
    • Monitoring the proceedings of SCRUM

  3. Development :

  4. Softwares : analyze, algorithm, programming, user interface
    Tools :
    • Development environment : JAVA, VB, .Net
    • MS Access/VBA

    Web : modelling, ergonomics, contents, indentation, integration CMS
    Tools :
    • PHP, HTML, Javascript, Ajax, jQuery, CSS
    • MySQL, SQL, XML
    • Compatibility : IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
    • Responsive web design

    Specificity (projects and/or development) :

    Our "Research & Development" on the technology of data transmission protocol, by assuring constantly the interoperability, creates a link between patients and healthcare professionals.

    Embedded systems : control systems and programming inputs/outputs (I/O) oriented software (ARM and/or Intel)
    Tools :
    • C/C++
    • Industrial PLC programming

    Medical IT : image processing / medical networks
    Tools :
    • MATLAB, HL7, IHE

  5. Contact :

  6. If you would like more information about our company or our business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    M. +41 76 390 82 79

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